Who we are

In Kronte we offer a solution based on data anylisis for the gaming and eSports industry.

Thanks to our new technology, it is possible to create automatized tournaments, and measure the results in real time without the need of taking screenshos, and detecting cheats and smurf accounts.

We want both organizers and contestants to stop worrying about the most boring stage of a tournament so they can have fun. In other words: we want you to enjoy the tournament.

Our mission

In Kronte we have a mission: use the data anylisis to break down barriers in the eSports.

We have the strong desire to improve the gaming experience anylising the data that happens during the tournament, demostrating with objective data that we can break the stigmas that surrounds the industry of amateur tournaments: no cheaters, results 100% reliavable and fair pairing between contestants.

Ignacio España

CEO & Co-Founder

Álvaro Alcázar

CMO & Co-Founder

Raúl González

CTO & Co-Founder

Carlos Córcoles

Data Scientist

Marco Muñoz

Full Stack Developer

Miguel Parra

API Developer

Andrés Martín

Marketing Executive

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